Monday, March 2, 2009

DBI (Douche Bag Index) - TweetSum

[DBI (affectionally called the Douche Bag Index) is a number that rates your followers according to how they use Twitter. DBI ranges from 0 to 100 and higher numbers represent people who are more likely to be annoying twitter users. Every follower's DBI is relative to all TweetSum users so the number is constantly becoming more accurate as more people log in and manage their followers.

The algorithm that we use to calculate DBI is based on several pieces of data. The usual suspects such as number of followers, friends, profile content, and tweet content are included, but we've got a few "custom" adjustments up our sleeve as well. We are constantly adjusting the algorithm to make it more useful.

We think the DBI is a helpful tool for deciding whether to follow someone back, but don't forget TweetSum gives you a lot of valuable information about each of your followers to help you make informed decisions.]

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